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Are you tired of forcing yourself to be something that you’re not?


YOU WHO KNOW DEEP DOWN INSIDE that you’re here for a reason — but just can’t seem to figure out how to bring that part of herself out into the world. She desperately wants to chase her secret dreams and most heartfelt visions— but no matter how hard she tries she can’t help but feel like she’s crumbling from the inside.

YOU’VE SPENT YEARS PRETENDING that things are “great, thanks!” to everybody around you…and it’s just not working anymore. The heaviness of spending her days putting on a half-hearted smile, sharing positive quotes on facebook and putting on a show that everyone else will “like” is breaking her down. And she doesn’t know where to turn next.



But can’t seem to come back down to earth, to actually make them a reality.


But you can’t stand still long enough, to feel truly loved and supported.


But give your energy to all the wrong people, leaving her hurt and completely drained.


But feel’s like a fool and a fraud, every single time she tries to put herself out there.


But she has trouble trusting herself, speaking her truth and owning her worth.


YOU’RE A GENTLE HEARTED WOMAN who knows you has a voice and is ready to share your wisdom with the world. But fear and self-doubt are keeping you stuck in your tracks. 

YOU’RE FINISHED WITH PRETENDING to be something you’re not “ just to fit in” and are finally ready to shine your light in the world…without losing yourself along the way.

Sound familiar? Then keep reading.  

You feel like the answers you seek aren’t going to come from somebody else…

But, yet you’ve spent years attempting to wade through your own thoughts, dreams, feelings and intuitions — and still, you’ve found yourself trapped between who you think you should be and who you truly are?

Sure, you’ve got a beautiful little home, a lovely little life and have so much to be grateful for.

You’ve been blessed with a loving partner who is loving, supportive and patient with you. But you still can’t help but feel like they still don’t really “get you”.

So you’ve closed yourself off energetically, shut yourself down emotionally and even find yourself hiding yourself physically, from the world outside.yourself physically, from the world outside.yourself physically, from the world outside.

And it hurts.

No matter how hard you try…you feel lost, lonely and a total failure. And like you’re not enough and like you’ll never be enough. 

That’s where I come in. 

You see my friend, I’m not here to save you from yourself, I’m here to guide you even closer to her. 

Because know how it feels to be surrounded by people who don’t get me, smiling and nodding as I bare my soul and share my dreams. Just before they turn away from me to talk about the weather with someone a little less intense.

I know how it feels to be left stranded in the rain and left completely and utterly alone, all because I can’t seem to conform to everyone else’s idea of normal.

When I was a little girl, I was filled with so much light. And as I got older, I learned that the best way to fit in, was to dim it down. Because most people couldn’t handle me the way I was.

But here’s the thing…

I wanted so much more out of my life than just settling for the status quo. That it wasn’t enough to just go through the motions and do as I was told.

I wanted to FEEL something. I wanted to BE someone. I wanted to DO something.

To have an impact on the world and live my life with intention along the way.

Basically, I wanted to give without selling myself out and I wanted to live without letting myself down.





And because I don’t want it to take you 10 years to get where I am…I created the Art of Becoming. An intimate mentorship program for women who get it. 

This isn’t just another goals setting program for over-achievers, small-talkers and attention-seekers who just want to distract themselves, from themselves.

It’s a soulfully supportive and sacred space for free-spirits, dream-chasers and light-seekers who want to make an impact in the world AND honour who they are along the way.

It’s about integration. Not just information.
Lovingly bringing together the part of you, that you show the world and the part of you that you keep closest to your heart. It’s about no longer feeling like you need to sell out, in order to belong somewhere.
During our time together, I’ll be the one who is there to support you as you learn to finally love your shadows and shine your light. You were born on this planet, at this time, in this body— for a much bigger purpose, then just playing small.
This is your time to discover what that is and who you are along the way.




is perfect for you if…


✔ You’re absolutely exhausted from trying to figure it all on your own.

You get that you already know what you should be doing. You’ve already taken all the courses, read all the books and followed all the Instagram gurus. But you’re ready for something more.

 You’re ready to lovingly integrate all that you have learned, with who you really are inside. 

Instead of trying to mould yourself into someone you’re not. You’re ready to set fire to who they told you to be, so you can finally become who you really are.

 You’re done with ignoring the quiet voice inside that you’ve put aside too many years.

You’ve been through the shit without anyone really knowing. Secretly breaking apart, day after day. You’ve bravely pulling yourself out of toxic relationships. And have even tried ditching the dead-end jobs that made you feel like crap.

 You’re the person who everyone turns to for support to and has to be the strong, supportive and reliable one. 

Being there for those around you, with a smile on your face. Sharing your love and your kindness without limit. But now your endless love and generosity has become a tainted colour of people-pleasing and lack-of-self-worth.


You’re ready to find someone who can see you for who you really are and help you get to where heart is yearning to go.

…without changing your entire life or becoming something that you’re not. You know WHAT to do. You just can’t figure out HOW to integrate it into the life you already have.

I get it. You’re not looking for some “expert” to sell you another 23.7 step formula to fame and then proceed to lecture you on why you’re broken and list all the things you’re doing wrong.

You’re searching for a supportive friend to remind you of your dreams on the days you doubt yourself most and a compassionate mentor to guide you back to your truth when life challenges begin to drag you down.



.What you can expect…

1. Healing Life Guidance for your human self & your real life.

  • explore how to live your life with more intention, more presence and self-awareness
  • design a soulful schedule that fits your lifestyle and gives you more time for the things that you love
  • discover your unique body type and how you can eat/move/play with intention instead of punishing yourself every day
  • create a lifestyle that will serve your highest good but also fulfill your human needs
  • let go of the negative stories of your past so you can love yourself fully and accept love from others
  • establish a healing self-care practice that allows you feel calm & relaxed
  • give yourself permission to feel how you feel, without the judgment or the guilt
  • define lovingly encouraged boundaries with the people you love so you can

2. Soulful Business Mentorship for your higher self & your big vision

  • uncover your personal vision for yourself and how you want to get there
  • organise your soul goals to fit in with the life you’re already living and loving
  • design a heart-centered business that’s in alignment with your higher vision
  • decide who you want to serve and how you want to support them
  • discover the talents, gifts and abilities that make you beautifully unique and how to share them with ease and confidence
  • find out how to market yourself and your business in a way that doesn’t feel sleazy or over-done
  • learn how to create your website, write a book, start a blog or even produce a podcast without wasting hours and hours figuring it out along the way.
  • build an audience of soul-clients that want to work with you and fall in love with you over and over again


SOUNDS AMAZING, RIGHT! then why would you try and do it all alone?



Soul Strategy Sessions

  • one 90-minute private session with me on Skype 
  • free e-mail guidance, gentle accountability and support for 30 days
  • access to my secret client newsletter with resources and inspiration
  • my loving devotion to your most heart-felt intentions for yourself


1 x 90 minute session



3 Month Packages

  • two 60-minute private sessions with me per month on Skype (6 sessions total) 
  • free e-mail guidance, gentle accountability and support between sessions
  • access to my secret client newsletter with resources and inspiration
  • my loving devotion to your most heart-felt intentions for yourself
  • vip invitations to retreats, classes and events
  • a soulful self-care package delivered straight to your home

$250 CDN / MONTH

6 x 60 minute sessons



Full Day Intensive

  • one full day in person intensive (6 hours total)
  • we’ll meet in person for a full day luxury coaching including healthy lunch, yoga, brainstorming sessions, and so much more!
  • free e-mail guidance, gentle accountability and support for 90 days
  • access to my secret client newsletter with resources and inspiration

$947 CDN / DAY

1 x full day session

Sneak out the back-door policy: For all my introvert friends, you have my permission to cancel your program within 7 days if you realise that it’s not the right time for you and want to secretly sneak out the back door.;)


Pause. Take a breath, and schedule your free clarity call with me below.

You should know…I love to invite my future-best-friend-soul-clients to chat with me before we work together. It’s my chance to get to know you better and your opportunity to feel what a session would be like in real life. It’s simple. Just choose a time that works for you, bring your tea and meet me over on Skype for 30 minutes – to focus 100% on you! 

"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are." — E.E. Cummings




What women are saying...

"Amber is one of the most uplifting, real, women I have been fortunate to work with. I love listening to her podcasts and often feel lucky to have tuned in when I need to be reminded of how to keep myself in check with, well, myself.

Amber is committed to shining her light in this world and I am so fortunate to have her in my life.

Katie Corcoran

Entreprenuer, Badass & Bare

Amber provided me with exactly what I was looking for. I started my journey with her in a place where I wanted to be able to feel more joy in my existing life and finished my time bursting at the seams with inspiration and dreams for the future.

I feel like something has truly come alive in my soul and I am ever so thankful for my time with her.

Elsa Borsa

Joy Advocate,

Before working with Amber I was stressed, confused as to where to turn next. She helped me overcome my hurdles, to take my hand and lead the way. She helped me find my center again. I would recommend Amber in a heart beat.

She truly listens with her heart and soul to hear and understand how you feel.

Michelle Berezowksi

Mother & Entrepreneur, Monet


How can I get started on my journey?

As always, I would begin by listening to a few episodes of The Liberated Woman Podcast and joining my free email list. If you decide that you enjoy my vibes after a few episodes (or few dozen!), then I invite you to schedule a #TAOB Initial Consultation.

It’s a free 30-minute virtual coffee chat that gives us a chance to get to know each other better. At the end of the call — we will decide as a team if we want to work together. If the answer is YES, then I’ll send your first invoice and private client booking link so you can schedule your first session.

Is this for me even if I don't own my own business?

Yes. Of course! Just replace the word “business” with “purpose” and away we go. The same #TAOB principles apply whether you’re an entrepreneur, a mother, teacher, a volunteer, an artist,  a nurse or in any other heart-centered profession.

Basically,  if you want to positively impact the lives of the other people – you need to take care of yourself first. #TAOB will give you the clarity and confidence to serve with more love and less stress, while also give you the wisdom to set boundaries when it’s time for you to just chill.

I’ve never had a coach or mentor before. How do I know I need one?

That’s a great question. Because I had the exact same question when I first started my journey. And you know what? It’s exactly why it took me 10 years from opening my very first self help book, 8 years from the first yoga class I ever took and 5 years from the first online wellness program I signed up for, before I finally “got” it. 

You don’t hire a coach or a mentor because you want the easy fix. But because you’re smart enough to know that there are people out there who have already been where you are. And they might just know a few tricks and have a few stories to share — that can save you money, time and a whole lot of heart-break along the way. 

Yes, you can find your way on your own. But you know what’s better then doing it alone? Feeling like someone has got your back, understands your struggles and will be there when you fall. 


Just so you know, I only work privately with a limited number women per month. So if you are ready for the guidance and support you truly need, schedule a time to chat with me and let’s get started!

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