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There is magic within you,
But it’s been hidden away…

It’s been years since you last felt truly like yourself. But no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to get out of your own way. You’ve read the books, listened to the podcasts, followed the inspirational instagrammers…only to feel like you’re coming up short. Yet again. Maybe your mother was right. Maybe you’ll never be enough. But then again, what if you are? What if you ARE destined for great things? What if the world desperately NEEDS you? What if the only thing that’s stopping you, is the DOUBT in your heart. And what if, in this moment you could BREAK of the shackles and fly into a life of freedom?

Ready to find your wings again? I’m here to help


The Art of Freedom Coaching

Ever feel like you’ve hit an invisible brick wall? Desperate to stop spinning your wheels and find your way out of the maze you’ve realized you’re trapped in? Sure, you know that you want a different life. A better life. A life of freedom, adventure and true happiness. But you can’t help but feel like something is holding you back. I’m here to help guide you back to yourself. Back to your truth. Even if everyone else around you, doesn’t understand. I get it. And I’m not here to change you. I’m here to guide you back to what matters most to you.

Where: Skype or In person

When: Applications close October 20th

How: 6 x 60 minute coaching sessions, email/text support & Soulwork

Who: Women who give too much of themselves away


The Art of Inspiring Mentorship

So you’ve found the confidence to start your own business. Or you secretly want to. But as you spend each day scrolling through facebook, you can’t help but notice all the women who started before you. With beautiful websites, bursting email lists and epic social media followings. You feel like you’ve fallen behind, and you literally just started. You wish that someone could just tell you what to do, so that you can stop spinning your wheels and make a bigger impact. Someone who has been where you are, who believes in your vision and will remind you why you started, on those days you doubt yourself most. Want me to be that someone? Let’s do it!

Where: Skype or In Person

When: Applications close October 20th

How: 6 x 90 minute mentorship sessions, email/text support & training

Who: New and existing business owners


The Art of Becoming Group Coaching

They say that you become the 5 people you spend the most time around. So what do you do, when everyone around you is literally dragging you down to their level? Do you struggle beside them and wallow in the negativity? Or do you find yourself a ladder and pull yourself out? The Art of Becoming is your chance to discover who you are, learn how to care for yourself with love and surround yourself with women who actually believe in you. Not just a little bit. Not just pretend. But truly, support and accept you, exactly as you are. Sound amazing? Then I would love to have you there!

Where: Amrae Yoga Studio, Nipawin Sk

When: Program starts Monday 7pm Oct 23, 2017

How: Weekly group coaching sessions, Email/ text support & Daily Journalling

Who: Women who want to feel supported and figure out who they really are.


The Art of Calm Self Study Course

Instead of adding to the madness of your life, choose to be different. Take time out to become the calm in the center of the storm, the candle in the middle of a dark night and the loving soul in the presence of chaos. In this 21-day email course you’ll discover simple rituals that will take you from totally stressed out to a place of deep relaxation. You’ll learn how to invite a sense of relaxation every single day without giving up on getting important things done. And you’ll find out how to finally escape the rat race inside your head by implementing practices that calm your mind and restore your body. 100% from the comfort of your own home. 

Where: Online, self-paced

When: 21 day program

How: Daily Audio Meditations, Yoga Videos, Soulful Journal Prompts & Workbooks

Who: Women who need a reminder to take care of themselves

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