I get it, You’ve heard it a dozen times before but somehow, it still hasn’t quite sunk in yet.

The truth is that you can’t pour from an empty cup. Kettle, coffee pot or wine bottle.
No matter how hard you try. 
I mean, seriously. If I could just pay someone to serve me delicious cups tea all day long (and wine all evening long ) – my life would be made.
But there comes a moment in every woman’s day when she reaches for her coffee cup and lifts it to her lips, only to discover that it’s either cold or completely gone.

Yeah. I’ve been there too.

And as you look around yourself right now, you may even see empty cups scattered around you. Just waiting for you to pick them up.

Sure. It’s not THAT big of a deal. Really, a slight annoyance. That gets, even more, irritating the SECOND time you pick up that same empty cup.
And realise, yet again. There’s nothing there.

Now I want you to think about your days – and how you do this to yourself. Over and over again.

Emptying your cup. Realising it’s empty. Pushing onwards, anyways.

And then, discoverin­g – with heavy shoulders and a clenched jaw, that it’s still empty.

Never REALLY taking the time to fill yourself up.
So let’s simplify this for a moment and imagine your life as a vessel.

At the bottom of the cup, things that nourish your body. Above it, the things that nurture your mind, heart and spirit. And at the very top of the cup – the place where you pour from, you have the things that support your purpose.

Take a moment to reflect…

  • My Purpose – Higher Self < Level 5 > FULL
  • My Spirit– Spiritual Self < Level 4 > ALMOST FULL
  • My Heart – Emotional Self < Level 3 > HALF FULL
  • My Mind – Mental Self < Level 2 > KINDA FULL
  • My Body – Physical Self < Level 1 > A LITTLE BIT FULL

Now ask yourself honestly, “How full is my LIFE cup or have I been neglecting myself because I don’t have enough time or don’t know where to start?”
Maybe you wake up each day only to realise that your cup is still empty. But instead of taking time out to nourish yourself and reconnect with what feels good, you get up, push forward until you crash yet again.

Here’s the thing my friend, we all want to feel healthy, happy and fulfilled. But if you keep spending your days GIVING yourself away….

You’re going to keep coming back to this same place.

Reaching for your cup only to realise, it’s running on low.

And in that moment, you have a choice to make.

You can either keep asking more of yourself – or you can take the time to FILL yourself up.

It doesn’t matter how you do it, but what does matter is that you do it.

Filling Yourself Up = Setting Yourself Free

So which do you choose? Today I’m sharing a very special video for those of you who keep finding themselves in this place.

Ready to stop reaching for an empty cup – so that you can finally pour from a place of creativity­, generosity and fulfilment.

You can watch the video below (it’s GORGEOUS by the way) and then take some time for you today.



The Liberation Circle is a space for you to simply, be you. In a world that is constantly trying to stuff you into a box and telling you that you’re not good enough – this is your reminder that you are more than enough. 



Amber Chalus, founder and creator of The Liberated Woman is a Free-Spirited Explorer, Coach, Yoga Teacher and Podcast Host. Her mission? To empower women to Escape the Ordinary, Discover Their Bliss & Find Freedom Within. She believes that every woman deserves to feel connected to her body, radiate with confidence and live the life of her dreams. Her current home is located in the wild heart of Canada with her charming British husband and adorable rescue pup, Indiana. Read her story here.


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