Woo hoo..it’s finally Friday!

…and you know that that means. A brand new episode of my weekly online radio show, The Liberated Woman Podcast. Are you ready to be inspired? Let’s get to it!

Today I have a guest here to help re-ignite the relationship you have with yourself and your romantic partner….even if you don’t have one quite yet! 

Veronica Grant is a Mindset and Dating coach that believes that every woman needs to learn how to DATE HER SELF before she can truly be loved by another.

This is about taking your happiness into your own hands and treating yourself like the beautiful gem that you are. 

Instead of desperately wishing that someone else is going to do it for you.

I adore this perspective…because it is based on the law of attraction and the idea that LIKE attracts LIKE. 

Basically…we attract into our lives what we are.

If we crave to be more loved, we must begin by loving ourselves.

If we desire to be seen, we must first see ourselves as we are.

If we want to be treated like a queen, we must treat ourselves like one!

This is the perfect episode to listen to this week because Valentines day is on its way…only a couple weeks left.

And I want to challenge you to take time out of your busy get-things-done life so that you can date yourself.

Even if it’s only for a couple of minutes each day or an hour each week. Make yourself a priority. Make yourself important. Make yourself the one you love.  Listen to our interview here.

In this episode:

  • Hear the story of how Veronica unintentionally RUINED a relationship with an awesome man because she wasn’t open to love. But don’t worry! it all turns out well because she found her prince charming in the end. 
  • Discover why the law of ATTRACTION is the real reason you keep attracting the wrong partners into your life and what you can do to make it work for you instead!
  • Learn how SELF-VALIDATION may be the best gift you could give yourself this year which will leave you feeling more confident and content.

No matter who you are, where you live or what you want out of life, the wisdom shared in this episode will help you cultivate more self-love and romantic love than ever before!

I would love to know what you think, so comment below or message me here. I promise. You’re going to love it!




Veronica is a green smoothie enthusiast, a radical self-care advocate, and a Dating Mindset Coach for ambitious women who’ve put their personal goals on the back burner. She taught yoga + fitness for 9 years, helping 1000s of women heal their relationship to food + their body. She shifted her business to dating + relationships when she realized that was really her clients’ #1 struggle. On the surface, Veronica helps women date smarter, not harder. But what she REALLY does is teach women how to treat themselves the way they want to be treated, so they can have the relationship they desire + deserve.

When she’s not writing about herself in third person, you can find her indulging in (probably) too much HGTV, planning her next adventure, or spending quality time with her partner + puppy. To learn more, and to sign up for her next free Date Yourself Challenge (Just in time for Valentine’s Day!), head over to www.veronicagrant.com.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vegwellness/

Instagram: instagram.com/veronicaegrant


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